Giovanni Chronicles
Time: Wednesday nights 6pm to 10pm
(Some adjustments on time is possible)
Place: Brandon near the Reservoir
The year is 1444 and you receive an invitation to dinner from a Lord Claudius Giovanni. Whether you a Street Rat from Rome, an English Knight, a Moorish Pirate, a French Priest or other mortal this is an invitation you cannot refuse.

The game starts in Northern Italy/Balkans in1444. The character has to be a person that could get there (no Hopi for instance) and speaks Italian (does not have to be Native speaker). This is a varied time in European history; the Renaissance is starting in Northern Italy but most of Europe in still in the High Medieval. Trade with the Far East is getting going and is starting to fuel Exploration. Their Embrace as a Cainite will come at a Crossroads for the Children of Caine during the height of the Anarch Revolt and the Founding of the Camarilla. Their Unlives are tied to the Clan of Death all the way to Gehenna.

I am using the New WOD system with the Vampire Translation Guide with some tweaks of my own to play in the Classic WOD. I will also be melding parts of the Transylvania Chronicles to the story.

This game is dark with adult themes so players under 18 will not be accepted. I already have two players and need a minimum of three though up to 5 will be accepted.

Contact Cary at if interested.

Giovanni Chronicles